Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fifty Shades of Grey - is Sex Really That Exciting?

Well, that depends. It depends on whether or not you are able to orgasm and it also depends upon the quality of your partner's sexual technique and his (or her) ability to fulfill you. Unfortunately for at least one in three women, sex falls into the "frequently disappointed" basket. These women will return home after the Fifty Shades of Grey movie desperately hoping that THIS time sex will suddenly be mutually fulfilling for both her and her partner instead of tedious and boring. This is an unlikely event.

Sex is as much about giving as it is receiving. Problems occur when either partners have a sex problem such as being unable to orgasm, or for men ejaculating early or being unable to gain or keep a hard erection. When any of these problems are present, sex is more about both partners enduring the act, rather than actually enjoying it.

Statistics show that 80% of women find it difficult to orgasm during intercourse. Is this because of their partner's sex problem or their own lack of understanding in the technique required to reach climax? Achieving regular orgasms through intercourse as well as foreplay isn't rocket science. But you've got to understand how your sexual programs work - and how to keep them properly activated during sex.

If your partner has one of the aforementioned problems you are more likely to be analyzing your lack of fulfilment during sex and this, unfortunately, makes it impossible for you to achieve orgasm. If you are enjoying the intense sensations then start asking yourself, "Is it? Is it? Is it happening now?" then I can guarantee it isn't, because you just cancelled out the orgasm program in your brain.

By the way, female ejaculation isn't a myth, again, it is a technique. Whether you want to be able to experience multiple orgasms and/or multiple episodes of female ejaculation during all of your sexual encounters, first you must understand how to control the sexual programs via your brain. Achieving orgasm requires a step by step process which must be followed sequentially. This enables you to keep your sexual programs activated and advancing to completion.

So is Fifty Shades of Grey going to motivate you to learn how to take charge of your sexual programs so you can orgasm on demand? Probably. Life is way too short to settle for unfulfilling sex.

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