Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why is Good Sex So Important? Media interview with Jacqui Olliver from End the Problem

Jacqui Olliver from End the Problem being interviewed by Gerard Smith from The Beat Goes On. During this interview, we discuss the challenges faced by men and women as both partners struggle to overcome sex problems.

Early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, being unable to orgasm and vaginal dryness after menopause are some of the topics we cover. Why we feel put off (or we inadvertently put our partner off) having sex - and why the male and female libido decreases when any of these challenges are invading our sex life.

Get more great insights from Jacqui's blog including why performance anxiety is making you lose control in bed.

Jacqui Olliver
The Technique Modifier at End the Problem

Providing the missing link for solving sex problems and gaining emotional mastery, Jacqui is the "go to" person for doctors and relationship therapists to send clients to, to solve anxiety, sexual dysfunction and sexual performance issues.

Sessions available online via Skype and in her clinic in Auckland, New Zealand.

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